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Over the past years we at Tennis Betting Sites have built a team of knowledgeable tennis pushers to provide fantastic free tennis predictions and tips. Whether it’s Wimbledon picks, US Open picks or Roland Garros picks, we’ve got you covered here for all of the ATP and WTA tour events.

Today’s Tennis Betting Tips




Sakellaridi, Sapfo vs Zaytseva, Ksenia

Zaytseva, Ksenia to win | 1.66

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Camerano, Elisa Andrea vs Mareen, Axana

Camerano, Elisa Andrea will win the first set | 3.44

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Buchwald, Helena vs Zucchini, Arianna

Zucchini, Arianna to win | 1.56

Get 300% Up To $5000

Li, Zongyu vs Urgesi, Federica

Li, Zongyu to win | 1.38

Get 100% Up To $100

Get 100% Up To $100

Total Odds


Tennis Picks

We provide free tennis betting tips for every ATP and WTA tournament as well as Grand Slams. We analyze tennis players performance based of simulations, we take this analysis data from every tennis match, men’s and women’s, to give you the best tennis betting predictions available today, making you an expert.

What are the best sites for Tennis Predictions?

We at aim to be one of the top sites for Tennis predictions. We try to provide our Tennis fans with the tools, computer analysis, and expert data to excel at Tennis betting. It is completely free and available to everyone, so check out our tennis betting tips, including match odds and tennis predictions today.

Tennis is one of the most popular sports in the world, and this popularity is reflected in the community of betting experts. Each day of the annual tennis calendar, our community of tennis experts posts their tennis betting tips for ATP and WTA events. Tennis predictions are published for traditional markets such as Match Winner and Tournament Outright, as well as popular alternative markets such as Match Winner, Match Winner and various handicap markets.

Tennis Betting Today

It’s played almost all year round, with several tournaments played on the circuit each week, there is never a shortage of tennis betting today. We have a dedicated team of tennis handicap experts who pay attention to every detail of the tour and provide the best tennis betting advice, information and news. All our coverage includes today’s tennis picks as well as a detailed preview of how we see the game, why and ultimately our best bets on the match. Check out all our tennis betting today.

Bookmakers For Betting On Tennis

Most of the world’s largest bookmakers offer comprehensive betting markets on any level of tennis tournaments, ATP, WTA or other events. When choosing a bookmaker for tennis betting, there are a few key points to consider. Mainly these:

  • Odds
  • Markets
  • Tournaments

While every bookmaker offers tennis odds, the odds vary from bookmaker to bookmaker. Identify the tennis tournaments and markets you want to bet on and find the bookmaker that offers the best odds on them.

If you prefer a traditional market such as Match Result, you should find a bookmaker that consistently outperforms competing bookmakers in terms of the odds listed for that market.
If you prefer to bet on Challenge events, you should find a bookmaker that offers excellent odds on these tournaments.

Best Tennis Betting Sites

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Free Tennis Betting Tips

Everything on our website is free. This includes not only our bookmaker reviews, but also our free bets and other promotional advice, but most importantly, our free tennis betting tips.

All betting tips and predictions posted on tennis-bettingsites are posted by our experts and are free to everyone.

Short term Tennis Betting

Match betting is the simplest and easiest way to bet on tennis. There are two sides competing against each other, and the only thing you have to do is place your bet on whichever you think will win. If the player you bet on wins, you win, otherwise, you lose your stake. Sounds easy! But with some free tennis tips from players, you can improve your chances of winning.

Handicap tennis betting

Handicap betting is most commonly used when one player is absolutely favorite relative to another. The odds of the favorite winning are too low to even consider placing a bet, and even if you guess correctly, you probably won’t win a lot of money. However, if you add a handicap to the equation, or achieve a bunch of extra goals for the player, the odds go up but your chances of making up the handicap go down. Still, the amount you could win is well worth your investment.

There are usually two types of handicap in tennis matches:

  • Game handicap: Game handicap impediments involve one player having gained the “game” advantage to start the disc, while the other player has “gamed” out.
  • Set handicap: work the same but in this case, one player is given one “set” advantage, with the other having a “set” deficit.

Tennis Over/Under betting

When it comes to Over and Under in tennis predictions, you have two options: total games and total sets. Betting on the total number of games means that you are guessing whether the whole game will be over or under the specified number of games. The same applies to over or under sets as you are trying to guess if the entire match will exceed a certain number of sets played or will it go under it.

Betting on the winner of the line is easy. You simply bet on the player you think will win the set. You can bet on any market; first, second, third etc.

Long Term Tennis Betting

Champ betting is a perfect example of long-term betting in tennis. This means betting on the tournament winner. But it’s best to get your tennis skills right before the game starts. The odds fall exponentially and change as you bet throughout the duration of the tournament. Bettors will give you the best tennis tips today, but tomorrow the odds may change depending on the outcome of the match.

In-Play Betting in Tennis Predictions

Tennis live betting or the so called in-play betting in Tennis has become more and more popular recently. Interest is huge and we offer today’s tennis predictions and various free tennis tips from our players. You don’t have to be a true expert if you want to bet on tennis, although knowing what’s going on will help and increase your odds. The point is that you can place bets while keeping an eye on the game.

Some of the basic ways to bet on live tennis are betting on: win the match, win the set and win the match. It’s very simple, you can choose in the game who wins the whole game or who wins the upcoming game or competition. But that’s just the basics. You can also take advantage of and benefit from other tennis betting markets.

Additionally, you can also bet on whether the set will go to a tie break. You can also bet on whether the loser will finish the game under 15, 30 or 40. It is also possible to bet on the game score after two, three or more runs have been played. Interestingly, you can even bet on the break point of the next hand. Bet on the total score of the next tie-break. Finally, you can also live beat totals throughout an entire game. All in all, you have many opportunities to bet on different types of markets in the game, which can increase your winnings.

Our Recommendation for Tennis In-play Betting

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Bet on Tennis

Below are the many factors that contribute to the popularity of tennis betting. The nature of the sport with two outcomes, the natural ebb and flow are accentuated by the nature of the scoring game. This creates a dynamic profile of the betting market for bettors.

In addition, the WTA and ATP tours feature weekly tournaments with up to four simultaneous tournaments, with the four Grand Slams being the flagship events of the tennis year. Both the WTA and ATP tours offer great betting opportunities for tennis players.

Both the ATP and Challenger Tours have grass, hard court, clay, and indoor events. Each of these environments plays to a different player’s strengths. This makes tennis one of the most subtle and interesting sports to bet on.

When betting on any sport, it is important to implement some betting strategies. This is key if you want to earn tips by consistently getting the most out of your tennis predictions and betting

To improve your tennis betting skills you need to know how to bet on a variety of popular tennis betting markets. If you are new to tennis betting, here are some suggestions from our tennis betting guide:

Bet only when there is value

It is crucial to sports betting regardless of the sport. If you are able to find a tennis betting market to exploit, you’re in the right way to improve your betting skills. To find a value not just predicting the correct score, it is also important to find a value in a given market. Finding value isn’t about predicting the correct scores, but it is about finding value in a given market.

Have accounts with a number of bookmakers

Using the best available odds as much as possible is key to improving your betting returns. If you limit yourself to one or two bookmakers, you limit your chances of success.


Tennis offers so many tournaments, divisions and markets to bet on. Find your niche, specialize and make the most of what you know.

Head to head matches

Consider the recent history between two contenders. While distant history may not provide reliable guidance, a look back at recent results may be instructive. It’s always worth referring to the tournament preview in this regard.

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